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Integrated Digital
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Master Guru® is proud to be a partner with NYLearns.org, a teacher website portal that allows teachers and parents the ability to seek out teaching materials based on the NY State Standards. When teachers run a report in the Master Guru® program and drill down to the questions that are stumping students, teachers will be able to click on a link that will send them to a search results page filled with additional interactive web pages, Word documents, .pdf files and activities related to that troublesome question.

The overarching thrust of NYLearns.org is to identify, organize and deliver educational resources that are aligned to learning standards. A second major thrust of NYLearns.org is to provide teachers with easy-to-use integrated classroom tools that enhance their teaching effectiveness.

NYLearns.org currently provides:

Access to all NYS Learning Standards, including the Alternate Standards, that are searchable by standard, performance indicator (PI), grade level, subject area, or keyword;

Access to thousands of educational resources and instructional content developed by master teachers and content providers. The content is searchable by keyword or by "drilling down" the standards tree to the performance indicators of the New York State (NYS) Learning Standards;

Resources are aligned to the NYS standard down to the performance indicator level and have been peer-reviewed using the peer-review protocol established by the NYS Academy for Teaching & Learning (NYSATL);

Access to NYLearns' state-of-the-art tools for teachers;

Access to NYLearns' admin tool that allows identified district users to access the admin portion of the Curriculum Matrix Tool as well as the User Enrollment Tool. The User Enrollment Tool is used to create teacher accounts and assigning user names and passwords by trainers as they conduct turn-key training of teachers from each building;

Access to NYLearns' Featured Content and the Featured Content Archive;

Updates on all new tools and revisions to NYLearns.org.

State-of-the-art tools for teachers:

ePortfolio - a tool to organize all digital resources for curriculum and instruction that provides anywhere/anytime access from home or school;

Teacher Website Builder - a "point and click" web page builder that easily allows teachers to create their own web pages to enhance communication between school and home;

Curriculum Matrix - allows administrators to develop and maintain district curriculum maps while assisting teachers in accessing and using specific curricula. Additionally, it allows teachers to create personalized instructional maps based on their own pedagogical approach and share those maps with other teachers and/or adminsitrators;

NYS Assessment Builder - allows teachers to produce customized assessments using questions from past New York State assessments including Regents exams;

Content Publishing Tool - allows teachers to become instructional leaders by creating and publishing their best work in NYLearns.org and hence to all other NYLearns.org users.

Thousands of resources related to the NY State Standards reside on the public side of NYLearns.org
and are available for viewing at:

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