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About Master Guru Online
  • A standards-based, interdisciplinary project using the power of technology to address New York State Standards for Math, Science, English and Social Studies, in Grades 3, 4, and 5.
  • Outlines EVERYTHING for teachers: What is needed, how long it will take, what standards it addresses, and templates to help with organization and student learning.
  • Metacognition activities
  • Vocabulary activities
  • Enrichment activities
  • Technology Tips
  • Inquiry based methodologies
  • Performance based activities
  • Use of technology and other medias
  • Students work as a team in a collaborative environment
  • Appeals to students’ natural creativity and curiosity
  • Cooperative learning is an integral component of this project
  • Project based learning is fun for students and exciting for teachers
  • Use of rubrics
About Master Guru Online

How the Flyer Program Works

  • Hand Guru Passports out to all of your 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students (we will provide).
  • Guru Passports contain a code; Harbor Town Games will track the number of subscriptions.
  • HTG, Inc. will donate up to $25 per subscription back to the Parent-Teacher Organization.

How the Guru Game Night Works

  • Choose an evening to invite all of your 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students and parents to return to school for a fun filled evening of playing Master Guru board games and On-line program.
  • Help promote the event to assure a good turnout (HTG can provide a flyer template).
  • History has shown that if a teacher or principal co-signs the letter/flyer, there’s a better turnout.
  • Provide some snacks and/or drinks (optional).
  • Harbor Town will provide all of the games (board games and On-line passcodes).
  • There will be a raffle during the evening for a free Guru board game and monthly subscription.
  • All eligible participants will be entered into a drawing for a FREE computer at the end of the school year.

The Master Guru Game Night and Flyer Program

  • Saves parents $5 (or more) per board game.
  • Saves parents on tax and shipping.
  • Will give your school one FREE Board Game for each grade, just for participating.
  • Donates up to $25 back to the Parent-Teacher Organization.
  • Gives an opportunity for the kids to play the exact same game (AND MORE) at home as they do in school. Also allows Parents to track their child’s progress.

Game Night Testimonials

Mrs. Jeanne Feldman

4th Grade Teacher

Jefferson Road Elementary, Pittsford, NY

“I can tell that a lot of time and effort went into the preparation of the game. All of the questions were appropriate.”

Ms. Tami Sherry

PTA President

Shaker Road Elementary, Loudonville, NY

“We LOVE Master Guru. I have tried the game with our kids, our kids’ friends, our scout troop, our school, our school’s teachers, and they all love the game. Where do we get more?”

Andrew Townsend

4th Grade Student

Hoosic Valley Elementary, Schaghticoke, NY

“I can’t wait ’til I get the game. I hope to get it soon. It is very fun. I know from playing in school.”

Ms. Jean White

Director of Children’s Programs

Lockport Public Library, Lockport, NY

“We have parents that are very involved in their child’s education. Master Guru makes it easy for these parents to engage in their child’s education and at the same time, make it fun.”

www.PlayMasterGuru.com or 1 800 515-1845
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